Ellerston Global Investments (EGI)


Ellerston Global Investments Limited (ASX: EGI, ACN 169 464 706) provides investors with an opportunity to invest in a concentrated investment portfolio, targeting up to 25 global equity securities via an Australia Securities Exchange (ASX) listed investment company.

Managed by Ellerston Capital Limited, the aim is to generate superior returns for Shareholders, with a focus on risk management and capital preservation. Performance will be benchmarked against the MSCI World Index (Local).

EGI adopts the Manager’s distinctively contrarian, high conviction investment approach which seeks to identify stocks which the Manager believes have a compelling risk/reward profile and are temporarily misunderstood and fundamentally mispriced.

Features at a glance:

  • Concentrated portfolio targeting between 10 and up to 25 securities
  • Long only, no shorting, no net leverage
  • Active and integrated approach to currency management
  • Global macro overlay
  • Semi-annual dividends
  • Long term investor focus

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