Mary Manning of Ellerston Capital talks to Peter Switzer on SkyNews (30/11/17) about why Asia is the best place to invest next year and why India is her top pick. Mary discusses how India is a very difficult country to invest in directly but exposure can be gained by investing via Ellerston’s listed investment company, Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI).

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Mary Manning

Mary is a member of the investment team and is a Portfolio Manager for Ellerston’s listed investment company, Ellerston Asian Investments Ltd. Mary has over 17 years investment management expertise and joined Ellerston in 2012. Mary first worked in Asia in 1997 and has been investing in the region since 2001. Prior to joining Ellerston Capital, Mary worked at Oaktree Capital in New York and Singapore. In Singapore, she was the sole person responsible for financial sector investments for the firm’s Global Emerging Markets Hedge Fund.

Mary also worked as an investment analyst at Soros Fund Management in New York, the investment vehicle of George Soros. She focussed on investments in the financial sector in the US, Asia, including Japan and Europe.

Mary has a PhD in Economics from the University of Sydney, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University Of Calgary, Canada.