Significant Event Notice

Ellerston Capital Limited (ACN 110 397 674) in its capacity as Responsible Entity (RE) for the Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund (ARSN 168 025 670) (the “Fund”) will issue an updated Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to reflect the following changes to the Fund:

Importantly, the following Fund features remain unchanged:

  • Investment objective
  • Benchmark
  • Fees (i.e. Management Fee, Performance Fee, Buy/Sell spread and estimated expenses)
  • Application and Redemption frequency

The aforementioned Fund changes will take place to more closely align with that of Ellerston’s founding product; the Ellerston Global Equity Managers (GEMS) Fund. The GEMS Fund has been run by Ashok Jacob (Executive Chairman and Portfolio Manager) since its inception in January 2002, and since this time has produced a 14.14% p.a. (net1) return, as at 30 April 2021.

The Ellerston Australian Absolute Return Fund investment strategy will adopt a Long/Short investment approach which seeks to provide investors with a return profile that has a low correlation (i.e. low relationship) with traditional asset class returns. The Fund will remain an Absolute Return strategy and aims to generate positive returns in all market environments by reducing the majority of market risk and focusing primarily on capital preservation and alpha generation.

The new Ellerston Australian Absolute Return Fund PDS will be accessible on Ellerston’s website ( and a soft copy will also be forwarded to you, for your records. If required, a printed version can be requested by calling Ellerston’s Investor Relations team on (02) 9021 7701.

Please note, the new PDS replaces any previous copies of the PDS. Any new Application Form(s) from the previous PDS dated 4 June 2019 will not be accepted from the issue date of the new PDS i.e. new Application Forms from the previous PDS will not be accepted from Wednesday 30 June 2021 onwards.


If you should have any questions on these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact Ellerston’s Investor Relations team on (02) 9021 7701.  

1 The performance figures are net of taxes, fees and expenses and assuming distributions are reinvested. Since strategy inception for GEMS A is 1 January 2002. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, nor a promise of future returns.