The Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund was closed on the 31st October 2016. From 1 November, the Fund will cease to accept new or additional applications directly. Redemptions from the Fund will be processed as normal.

True diversification and consistent returns from a fund with a low correlation to equity market returns

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At a Glance

Most investors recognise the importance of diversification for reducing risk and generating more consistent returns. Unfortunately, traditional equity investments offer only limited opportunities for genuine diversification, since their returns tend to rise and fall in sync with the market and the broader economy. As a result, returns can be significantly impacted by large movements in the sharemarket.

The Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund harnesses a unique investment process to produce consistent returns over time — regardless of market conditions. This strategy is designed to help reduce or eliminate the extreme highs and lows that so often characterise sharemarket investments, controlling risk and helping you to enjoy more stable returns over time.

We aim to return an annualised 5% above the RBA cash rate over rolling five-year periods, through investing in a portfolio of between 50 and 100 stocks in long and short positions.

Our Strategy

Our team quantitatively screens and analyses stocks in our investment universe, identifying pairs of securities that have exhibited a historical long term relationship and that have become temporarily dislocated, causing a relative mis-pricing.

Where we expect the longer term relationship to prevail, and taking into account our fundamental value of both securities, we can execute a pair trade (relative value).

We also look to take advantage of special situations, including share recapitalisations, mergers, takeovers, restructures, security conversions, placements, IPOs, sell downs and share buybacks. These positions are expected to generate profit in both rising and falling equity markets and in our assessment with a high probability of positive returns and low probability of capital loss.

We favour liquid securities to minimise market impact during trading.

Key Benefits

  • Independence from traditional asset class returns: Our unique investment strategy allows us the ability to generate positive returns in both rising and falling equity markets.
  • Capital preservation: by limiting direct market exposure (or beta), the fund aims to be a true portfolio diversifier and is less vulnerable to economic, political or other external risks.
  • Lower volatility: the fund has a low net exposure to the market, the volatility of the fund is typically lower than traditional long only equity strategies.
  • A team you can trust: access to Ellerston Capital’s experienced specialists and disciplined investment approach.

Our Awards

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As at 31 May 2017 1  Month % 3 Months % FYTD % 1 Year p.a % 3 Years p.a % 5 Years p.a %^ Since Inception p.a %^
Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund – Gross -0.60% 0.18% 4.31% 5.09% 11.23% 14.97% 13.72%
Benchmark 0.12% 0.37% 1.39% 1.54% 1.98% 2.33% 2.12%
Excess -0.69% -0.48% 1.21% 1.62% 6.21% 8.88% 8.08%
Net Return -0.57% -0.11% 2.60% 3.16% 8.19% 11.22% 10.20%

Important Notice:

^ The Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund was launched on 3 June 2013. The historical figures for the period November 2011 to 3 June 2013 are derived from the Ellerston Australian 130/30 Fund, which employed a similar strategy as the Market Neutral Fund.

The net return figure is calculated after fees and expenses.  The gross return is calculated before fees and expenses. The benchmark is the RBA Cash Rate.

The Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund was closed on the 31st October 2016. From 1 November, the Fund will cease to accept new or additional applications directly. Redemptions from the Fund will be processed as normal.

DISCLAIMER: The performance figures presented are for the Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund with the exceptions noted above. The one month return figure may be an estimate and not the final return. This estimate also impacts other performance information provided. Estimated performance figures (where indicated) are preliminary and subject to change. Returns for other classes may differ slightly. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Ellerston Capital Limited ABN 34 110 397 674 AFSL 283 000 is the responsible entity of all the Ellerston Funds listed in the table above. The information supplied above has been prepared by Ellerston Capital Limited without taking account of the objectives, financial situation or needs of investors. Before making an investment decision about any Fund persons should obtain advice from an appropriate financial adviser, consider their own individual circumstances and obtain a copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement which is available on this website. This material has been prepared based on information believed to be accurate at the time of publication. Assumptions and estimates may have been made which may prove not to be accurate. Ellerston Capital undertakes no responsibility to correct any such inaccuracy. Subsequent changes in circumstances may occur at any time and may impact the accuracy of the information. To the full extent permitted by law, none of Ellerston Capital Limited, or any member of the Ellerston Capital Limited Group of companies makes any warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information in this website and disclaims all liability that may arise due to any information contained in this website being inaccurate, unreliable or incomplete.