Australian Emerging Leaders Fund

An actively managed portfolio of Australian listed smaller companies with attractive growth prospects.

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Fund Overview

The Ellerston Australian Emerging Leaders Fund is made up of a portfolio of between 30 – 60 smaller companies we’ve identified as being the next leaders in their respective industries.

The Fund adopts a unique investment process that aims to produce consistent returns over time.

  • Attractive risk/reward: an exposure to the smaller end of the small cap market (note: portfolio has a typical market cap of AUD$650m) gives investors access to attractive growth opportunities which can provide a source of uncorrelated returns throughout different market environments.
  • Under-researched: smaller cap securities tend to have lower levels of broker coverage compared with their large cap peers, which leads to an information asymmetry that can be leveraged by those willing to undertake fundamental research.
  • Diversification: smaller cap securities help to diversify a portfolio. The larger end of the Australian stock market is highly concentrated and dominated by particular sectors (i.e. Financials and Materials); smaller cap securities can provide diversification in a variety of other sectors.

The Fund employs an active, research-driven investment approach which seeks to identify a portfolio of smaller cap companies with the aim of delivering superior returns to the benchmark over time.

The Fund invests in companies that are believed to have the potential to deliver significant upside over the medium term, and where there is a reasonable margin of safety to mitigate downside risk. Investments will generally be made in companies that have sound business franchises with attractive earnings profiles that operate in growth industries and trade at a discount to valuation.

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