New Ellerston macro traders Brett Gillespie, Tim Toohey see ‘tipping point’.

The bond market is in danger of falling precariously “behind the curve” as the Federal Reserve embarks on a path towards normalisation while the pace of global growth picks up. That’s the view of Ellerston Capital’s global macro trader Brett Gillespie and his new hire, former Goldman Sachs economist Tim Toohey, as their new fund […]

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Global Equity Managers Fund wins AI Hedge Fund Award as sponsored by BarclayHedge Award

Ellerston Global Equity Managers Fund Class A wins AI Hedge Fund Award as sponsored by BarclayHedge Award The Ellerston Global Equity Managers Fund Class A (GEMS) has been awarded Best for Equity Strategies – Australia & Best Global Equity Fund (1 Year) GEMS_AI_Award2016

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Portfolio Manager Paul Drzewucki Discusses Exploiting Structural Issues in Australian Equities

Much has been written and spoken about the increasing concentration of the Australian stock market indices and with it the concentration of the Australian funds management industry. With this concentration the dominance of the 10 largest managers over the Australian market is unprecedented. The majority of the market beta is now being generated by a […]

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Where Should You Invest? Lonsec Says Ellerston Capital

Money Management asks Lonsec where to invest and their pick is the Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund.

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Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund Receives a ‘Recommended’ rating by Zenith

The Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund received a ‘Recommended’ rating in its review by Zenith. Zenith considers the Fund to provide an appealing exposure to an Australian equity market neutral strategy. They noted that investors should expect a significantly differentiated return profile from the Fund when compared to other equity based investments. The Fund is […]

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Zurich Investments Small Companies Fund Managed by Ellerston Capital Upgraded by Zenith to ‘Recommended’

The Zurich Small Companies Fund, managed by Ellerston Capital provides a style neutral exposure to the small companies segment of the Australian equities market.   The Fund may also invests in Asian (ex Japan) equities. They noted the portfolio construction process to be transparent which importantly ensures that the team’s best ideas are reflected in the […]

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Ellerston Australian Market Neutral Fund Receives a Highly Recommended Rating By Lonsec

This rating report by Lonsec for the Market Neutral Fund highlighted the extensive industry and ‘long/short’ experience of Portfolio Manager Paul Drzewucki. Lonsec acknowledges the Funds strong ;’sell discipline’ and the management of risk of capital losses/volatility. The ‘Highly Recommended’ rating by Lonsec indicates that Lonsec has very strong conviction the product can generate risk […]

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