Concentrated global equity portfolio with a mid/small cap bias based on the highest conviction ideas from a filtered universe of securities that the Manager feels are in a period of ‘Price Discovery’. The portfolio is benchmark independent, providing true diversification to investor’s global equity portfolios.

  • True diversification for your global portfolio by accessing global companies you are unlikely to find in most global portfolios.
  • A highly experienced team with a long track record of absolute investing with over 15 years average equity investing experience.

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  • wdt_ID As at 28 February 2018 1 Month 3 Months FYTD 1 Year 3 Years p.a. Since Inception p.a. ^ 1 Nov 2014
    1 EGI + -0.98% 0.99% 11.44% 15.48% 8.54% 11.44% 43.48%
    2 Benchmark -3.53% 1.21% 9.56% 13.58% 7.81% 9.35% 34.70%
    3 Excess 2.55% -0.22% 1.88% 1.91% 0.74% 2.09% 8.79%


    + Disclaimer and Notes
    The return figures are calculated on the basis that distributions are reinvested. The net return figures are net of fees and expenses before tax.
    ^ 1 November 2014 p.a

  • Past performance figures are calculated pre-tax after taking into account fees and expenses and assume that all distributions are reinvested and do not take into account inflation. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, nor a promise of future returns. Performance can be volatile.


Ellerston Global Investments Limited (ASX: EGI) owns a concentrated portfolio of global companies you are unlikely to find in most global equity portfolios. The highly experienced team take an active, absolute and often contrarian approach to identify opportunities in global equity markets.

The portfolio of between 20-40 securities represent the highest conviction ideas, with the most compelling risk/reward asymmetry. The investment process combines both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and is systematic and repeatable. Investment opportunities often result from catalysts including spin offs, fallen angels, management changes, corporate restructures, post IPO and embedded optionality.

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Phone: (02) 9021 7797

EGI Share Registry

Phone: 1300 551 627
Address: Level 12, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Board of Directors

Ashok Jacob

Chief Investment Officer

Sam Brougham

Non-Executive Director

Paul Dortkamp

Non-Executive Director

Stuart Robertson

Non-Executive Director

Meet the EGI Team

Arik Star

Portfolio Manager

Bill Pridham

Deputy Portfolio Manager

David Serry

Investment Manager

Travis Duff

Investment Analyst