Ellerston Asia Growth Fund

The Fund is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of Asia ex-Japan listed companies that is benchmark independent and has a focus on capital growth and downside protection

  • High quality portfolio of 20-50 primarily large cap companies with legitimate, sustainable growth profiles.
  • Managed by team of dedicated Asia specialists who have diverse sector and geographic expertise and average of 13 years’ investment experience.
  • Distinctive high growth, high conviction approach with flexibility to invest without reference to index allocations at the country, sector and stock levels.
  • Blends macro insights with investable long-term themes and company analysis within a highly disciplined, repeatable investment process.

Exposure to strong companies in the world’s fastest growing region 


The Fund’s objective is to outperform the MSCI Asia Ex Japan (non-accumulation) (AUD) benchmark on a net of fees basis, with a focus on capital growth and downside protection. Mary Manning and her team aim to generate positive returns and minimise negative returns by investing in companies in which they have the highest conviction. They filter the investment universe repeatedly to identify those companies that are likely to offer the best risk/reward profile, then assess them in detail through disciplined, ‘bottom up’ fundamental analysis and overlay that with their identified structural themes driving growth in Asia in order to construct the portfolio.


Meet the Asia Growth Team

Staff Members

Mary Manning

Portfolio Manager

Fredy Hoh

Deputy Portfolio Manager

Eric Fong

Investment Analyst

Vinay Narsi

Investment Analyst