Ellerston Global Equity Managers Fund

Contrarian, high conviction long/short strategy combining rigorous fundamental analysis with a top down macroeconomic assessment of market conditions and outlook.

  • The Fund aims to generate consistent returns for investors, with a focus on risk and capital preservation.
  • Analysis of global markets utilising a “fundamental bottom-up” stock picking approach.
  • Run by Ellerston Capital’s experienced investment specialists with a disciplined investment approach.

Broaden your exposure to international markets with the potential for consistent returns and reduced risk

At a Glance

The Ellerston Global Equity Managers Fund is designed to take advantage of investment opportunities while generating consistent returns across market cycles with a focus on risk and capital preservation.

The Global Equity Managers Fund features a specially developed long–short strategy. We take long positions in undervalued stocks to increase the potential for profit, while using short positions in companies or market indices we feel are overvalued to minimise market exposure. Depending on market conditions, we may also use cash and cash-like investments to protect capital.

The fund has a bias towards Australia with opportunistic allocations to the US, Europe and Asia.

Our Strategy

Our investment team uses a distinctively contrarian high conviction, absolute return approach with a focus on disciplined ‘bottom up’ stock selection based on rigorous fundamental analysis. This is overlayed with our ‘top-down’ assessment of macroeconomic conditions and the market outlook.

Individual security analysis is qualitative, focusing on management, strategy and factors affecting the business, industry and quantitative focusing on areas such as earnings, cash flow, liquidity, capital structure and balance sheet strength.

The result is a unique investment strategy designed to generate superior returns over the long term and minimise risk.

+ Disclaimer and Notes

DISCLAIMER: Ellerston Capital Limited ABN 34 110 397 674 AFSL 283000 is the responsible entity and issuer of units in the Ellerston Global Equity Managers Fund ARSN 118 887 095. Any information is general and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Accordingly you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold units in the Fund available from this website or by contacting us on 9021 7797.Please be advised that the Ellerston Global Equity Managers Fund Class C is currently the only class open for investment.